Welcome to sgnlp’s documentation

The sgnlp package is a collection of models developed by Singapore’s NLP researchers and implemented using the Pytorch and Transformers frameworks. It is part of the SG-NLP project.


The documentation contains the following parts:

  • Quickstart contains information on how to install the package, basic information of how the package works, and a simple example.

  • Advanced Tutorial contains in-depth guides for specific models. These guides go into detail on what the model is about and how it can be configured for training and inference.

  • API Reference is meant to be a reference manual with details about all the functions and classes in the package.

What is SG-NLP?

SG-NLP is a project by AI Singapore’s NLP Hub. We aim to bridge the gap between research and industry and promote more translational research and industry’s adoption of NLP techniques. You can interact with our demos or view our guide to get started.